Girl is forced, tied to bed and then fucked against her will

Let's watch a beautiful blonde girl getting attacked in her house by a burglar, undressed, tied to bed and fucked against her will.

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Unsuspecting housewife was going to the kitchen to take a bite when she was attacked from the behind. The man was gagging her mouth with one hand while ripping girl's clothes with the other. Then he put the helpless victim on her knees for a quick blowjob. Few minutes later he took the girl to the bedroom to have her tied to bed.

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There is nothing hot blonde can do about big cock invading her pussy from the behind: her legs are spread wide and tied to bed poles as well as her arms. The nasty cumshot scene shows tied to bed slut being sprayed with lots of sperm. Intruder then went searching the house for money. Helpless girl is left lying naked in bondage with lots of cum drops all over her belly. What a nice view! Nude, tied to bed and fucked against her will she is now have to wait for someone to come and untie her.

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