Hot lesbian is having her lover bed bound and making love to her

Most of men's erotic fantasies has something to do with hot lesbians. Bondage fans are not an exception: they are dreaming about seeing a couple of sexy girls doing kinky things in ropes. Today I am going to show you a few pictures of that nature: one lesbian having another tied to bed and making love to her!

Bed bound lesbians having sex

Featured pictures are taken by Claude Christian - a guy who created his very own style of bondage photography. His photos are full of erotic passion and showing naturally submissive amateurs having really good time in love bondage. That's why most of the action happens in his bedroom and that's why most of his models are bed bound.

There lesbians are looking forward to have bondage sexLesbian tied to bed by her lover

There are two bored girls: Katia and Claudia, who want to have sex with each-other but they want to do it in a kinky way. How about having one of them tied to bed and other teasing her with kisses and by using her sensual fingers?

Katia lays on her back after a few minutes of passionate kissing. Claudia uses four ropes to have the subgirl tied to bed fully spread. Can you imagine a better pose for a woman who wants to be fucked in bondage other than a spread eagle? Each and every spot of her sexy body is available for tease and penetration when the girl is laying on her back, bed bound and having her arms and legs spread!

Lesbians are having sensual sex in bondageLesbian is licking her bed bound mate

Claudia is acting as a pro of bondage sex: she kisses all the sensual parts of Katia's body, paying lots of attention to her nipples and pussy. Then she goes on her knees and is about to use her filthy tongue on slave's clitor: what a perfect moment to join the ladies in their kinky game!

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